Current mine situation/Plan/Report


From the beginning of technical survey and mine clearance operations in BiH from 1996 to 2020, the area of ​​228,157,000 m2 has been reduced and cleared; 69,202 anti-personnel mines, 8,554 anti-tank mines and 61,456 EWRCs were found and destroyed.

The current size of the suspected mine risk area in BiH is 956.36 km2 or 1.96% of the total area of ​​BiH2.

The current size of the suspected dangerous area for cluster munitions in BiH is 2.05 km2.

The general assessment of the impact of mines / UXO / cluster munitions in 118 municipalities in BiH has identified 1,398 impacted communities affected by mines / EWRC / cluster munitions.
It is estimated that 259 communities have a high level of impact, 212 communities have a medium level and 950 communities have a low level. Data on 264,011 households in impacted communities were collected. Out of that number, 32,109 households are exposed to direct risk. The total population living in impacted communities is 845,163. 132,803 inhabitants are directly endangered. 189 MSAs with a high level of risk, 274 with a medium level and 15 with a low level of risk have been identified.


In the post-war period, 1,767 people died, out of which 618 died.

133 deminers were killed, during humanitarian demining operations in BiH, 53 were fatal.


In 2020, technical survey and mine clearance operations were performed on 88 tasks, the certified area was 2,866,338 m2. In the mentioned operations, 1,357 anti-personnel mines were found and destroyed /  933 pieces of AP mines were the result of MSAs /, 7 anti-tank mines and 192 pieces of UXO, cluster munition 162 pieces. The area of ​​2,573,086 m2 was reduced by technical survey operations. The total area of ​​293,252 m2 was cleared by mine clearance operations.
Demining operations on MSA tasks reduced the area of ​​13,036,375 m2 to 9 completed tasks; 933 pieces of AP mines and 49 pieces of UXO were found and destroyed.


In 2020, 17 mine action organizations were accredited in BiH: 5 governmental organizations (Armed Forces of BiH, FBiH Civil Protection, RS Civil Protection, BD Civil Protection and BiH Red Cross Society), 4 commercial organizations (4 domestic) and 8 non-governmental organizations (6 domestic and 2 international).

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