Structure and activities

BHMAC Organization chart


In order to improve the functionality of mine action structure, but also to ensure the quality, economy and efficiency in this field, new Demining Law was adopted in 2002, introducing the central structure of BHMAC at the state level, established within the B&H Ministry of Civil Affairs.

Bosnia and Herzegovina Mine Action Center / BHMAC is functioning as the technical body of the B&H Demining Commission,  with two main offices in Banja Luka and Sarajevo and 8 regional offices in Banja Luka, Sarajevo, Pale, Travnik, Bihać, Mostar, Tuzla and Brčko, directly  subordinated to BHMAC central office.

On behalf of the Commission BHMAC performs the following tasks:
a) maintains a central database on minefields and mapping capacities;
b) propose technical and safety standards, as well as quality assurance standards for demining operations, and propose certificates for the approval by the Commission;
c) review evidence of the qualification of international and domestic demining companies for their accreditation, that need to be further approved by the Commission;
d) propose training standards to be approved by the Commission, and monitor and report on their implementation;
e) prepare proposals for the work on demining of areas on the entity border lines, which will be further approved by the Commission;
f) prepare work plans and budgets for their activities, as well as reports and accounts, which will be approved by the Commission and subsequently submitted to the Donors Committee;
g) perform other tasks in accordance with the founding act.

Supervision of the work of BHMAC is carried out by the Commission.

Office Sarajevo and Banja Luka perform the following tasks:
a) mine risk education, marking, mine clearance and mine removal operations (in accordance to technical standards approved by the Commission and using existing civilian expertise within entity governments);
b) provide data for the central minefield database;
c) coordinate demining operations with other mine action organizations, assuring that all activities are operated in accordance to the approved priorities and approved standards;
d) prepare priority proposals for demining operations and issue tasks;  perform inspection, and after task is finalized, performs an analysis of quality control and proposes issuing certificates on the quality control of the cleared areas;
e) propose a list of priority tasks to the entity government;
f) preparing work plans, budgets, reports and budget to be presented for to entity governments, BHMAC central office, the Commission and the Donors Committee;
g) perform other tasks in accordance with the founding act.

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